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Revolutionary Broadband Light system

The Most Incredible Broadband Light (BBL) System Ever Devised

BBL HERO professional practice systems

BBL HERO or High Energy Rapid Output is revolutionary and the first of its kind Motion Broadband Light system setting new standards in aesthetic light skin treatments for physicians, skin clinics, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic practices around Australia and NewZealand looking to improve their ROI.

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BBL HERO Does Amazing Things

Essentially designed for off the face treatment but with superior face treating capabilities this motion broadband light system comes with 4 x the speed, 3 times the peak power, and 2 x the cooling, creating greater capacity to treat more patients quicker and is the world’s most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device on the market.

Treating Crocodile skin, pigment and vascular correction and conditions such as rosacea, patients will marvel at vastly improved resilience and smoothness of their skin, a more even tone, fewer freckles or clearer resolution of deep seated acne or the permanent removal of unwanted hair.

With all the capabilities of your favourite Sciton systems such as Forever Young, Forever Bare, and SkinTyte BBL HERO upgrades straight into your favourite Joule platform or comes as a complete standalone IPL system.

  • 4 times the speed
  • 3 times the power
  • 2 times the cooling 

Broadband Light BBL HERO Is Not Like Laser

Unlike skin laser treatments that are narrowly targeted, Broadband Light is distributed more evenly over a wider surface area and its in motion improves results and reduces the risk of burning.
The Intense Pulse Light (IPL) delivery of BBL HERO is highly effective providing amazing anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation results and the correction of reds and browns and delay the ageing process.
With BBL HERO you’ll address laxity, wrinkles, stubborn spots, older skin issues, and patients will achieve a vastly different healthy youthful skin and reduced risks associated with stamping and striping.
Suitable on skin types 1 – 5 BBL HERO is for use on all ages. You’ll achieve better skin textures and overall skin quality, achieve rapid results, be amazed by the ease of treatments and that you can treat anywhere on the body.

Book a demonstration from a Sciton BBL HERO™ expert today

Setting New Standards

Sitting on the reputation of other Sciton products, systems and maintenance treatments that are scientifically proven and renowned as the best in practice BBL HERO but sets new standards.

It can address multiple skin concerns without having to change the handpiece. You’ll treat larger areas with EASE or smaller spots with PRECISION thanks to its unique snap-on spot adaptors and interchangeable filters.

Its adjustable contact and internal cooling system is the most powerful ever seen in a product of its kind, giving patients greater comfort that contributes to no downtime.

Amazing ROI

BBL HERO is packed with amazing features such as 4 x the speed, 3 times the peak power, 2 x the cooling but also offers even greater benefits. With this one system alone you’ll have the ultimate aesthetic IPL system, ideal for launching a skin clinic or growing your existing practise.

BBL HERO treats photodamaged skin better than any other Broadband Light system, it’s brilliant off the face motion treatments mean treating a decolletage can take less than 90 seconds. Imagine the amazing ROI your practice will enjoy.
Patients will have reduced risk and no downtime and you’ll be able to treat all year round. With BBL Hero you won’t need many more tools in your bag to run a profitable skin treatment clinic.

Seeing is Believing

BBL HERO is launching now in Australia, in fact we’re already taking orders and demonstration requests. Be one of the first and you’ll never look back.
Buy now, pay later
BBL HERO™ is available now and we’re taking orders. Finance is available, buy now, pay later and be one of the first to reap the rewards.
You can book a demonstration online or talk to your Sciton BBL HERO™ expert today, call 1300 xxxxsx


Book a demonstration online or talk to your Sciton BBL Hero™ expert. Or call 1300