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Sciton was created to provide advanced lasers and light sources to the aesthetic medical markets. With over a decade of performance behind us, Sciton systems have become the standard of care in each application our products address.


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Broadband Light Therapy with Sciton’s Suite of Systems

There is a good reason why so many people are interested in broadband light therapy or BBL therapy - it works. BBL skin treatment has become an increasingly popular alternative to surgical procedures over the last decade. Its non-invasive nature and fast turnaround time has made BBL light therapy a go-to option for people that

BBL Hero – Next Generation Technology

The Sciton BBL Hero is a revolutionary broad band light therapy device that allows faster, more effective treatments of affected areas whilst showing noticeable results after a single visit. This next generation technology is able to treat a multitude of skin conditions such as sun damage, the effects of ageing, unsightly spots and much more.

Laser Skin Treatment

Summer is finally upon us here in Australia and we all know what that means, lots and lots of fun in the sun. There is nothing better than getting out and stretching your legs for a walk to the beach, meeting up with friends for a picnic or hosting a backyard BBQ. The main ingredient

Clear Suite by Sciton

Introducing Clear Suite by Sciton, a next generation laser that combined with the power of light can effectively treat a wide range of issues regarding veins, skin as well as hair - all wrapped up in a single platform. This latest edition to the Sciton JOULE™ platform incorporates the 1064 ND:YAG also known as Clear

Sciton ClearV Laser Vein Treatment

The new Sciton ClearV laser vein treatment is a revolutionary system providing laser treatment for a variety of indications on the face and body. The ClearV is part of our JOULE X line and specifically targets the veins that you can and some that you cannot see such as vascular lesions. These are caused by

Sciton HALO Laser Skin Treatment

If you are suffering from skin conditions such as rosacea, visible signs of skin aging from long term sun exposure, wrinkles, laxity, discolouration or scarring - then you should take a look at Sciton HALO laser skin treatment. The new HALO laser is a hybrid fractional laser (HFL) that works by applying both the ablative



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