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Meet ClearV

What it is

ClearV: Your Comprehensive Vascular Solution

Known as the gold standard in addressing vascular skin issues for all skin tones throughout the year, ClearV effectively targets broken capillaries, spider veins, vascular blemishes, skin discolouration, acne, and more.

Can ClearV be paired with other Sciton treatments?

In conjunction with mJOULE™’s unique 532+ BBL® narrow-band filter, ClearV precisely targets minor vascular indications like telangiectasia, poikiloderma, and cherry angiomas for skin types I-III.

Combining ClearV, ClearSilk, and the 532+ BBL narrow-band filter provides the ultimate vascular and skin rejuvenation solution on the versatile mJOULE vascular platform.

Subsurface Vein Illumination (SVI™)

SVI enhances target visibility, ensuring precise treatment of both visible and concealed subsurface and feeder veins. Easily adjust the brightness with a simple button press for optimal visibility.

Integrated Spot Size Adjustment

Instantly switch between spot sizes ranging from 3-10mm using the adjustable ring on the touch display.

Adjustable, Cooling In 1-Degree Increments

Maximise patient comfort with the built-in sapphire cooling tip, allowing precise temperature adjustments in 1-degree increments, ranging from 5-25 ˚C.

When paired with mJOULE’s distinct 532+ BBL narrow-band filter, ClearV precisely targets minor vascular concerns, including telangiectasia, poikiloderma, cherry angiomas, and vascular melasma in skin types I-III.

The Science Behind ClearV


Wavelength 1064 nm Nd:YAG

Fluency Up to 400 J/cm2

Pulse Width Up to 200 ms

Repetition Rate Up to 20 Hz Spot Size

ClearV: 3-10 mm

Skin Cooling ClearV: Adjustable, 5 ˚C to 25 ˚C Contact Chiller 250 W thermoelectric chiller

Continuous contact sapphire plate

How it Works

01. Overview

ClearV uses a 1064nm Nd:YAG laser, specifically designed to target veins, vessels, rosacea, and other vascular structures beneath the skin’s surface.

02. Eliminating Targeted Vessels

With the aid of an orange light, the LEDs surrounding the sapphire plate highlight the unwanted vessels, ensuring accurate targeting and treatment. The laser pulses are absorbed by these vessels, sealing them and ensuring they don’t reappear. Over time, the body naturally eliminates these vessels.

Treatable Areas

ClearV can treat every skin type, anywhere on the face or body.








What It Treats

ClearV addresses both visible and hidden vessels, along with the following conditions:.

Facial, Leg, & Body Veins

Spider Veins


Port Wine Stains

Wart on body


What Patients Can Expect


Following a ClearV session, unwanted visible microvessels and stubborn underlying vessels gradually diminish, making them less noticeable. Issues like broken capillaries, spider veins, and vascular blemishes are effectively addressed.

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Introducing ClearV – a new solution to treat the veins you can and can’t see

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Complete Revitalization System


1064nm Non-Ablative Laser

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1927nm Fractionated Laser


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