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Meet ZoomScan

What it is

Breaking the mould of aesthetic laser products.

Considered by top aesthetic practitioners to be one of the world’s most advanced resurfacing laser technologies, ZoomScan is a full-field skin resurfacing solution that puts you in total control of your patient’s resurfacing experience.

What sets it apart

Competitive lasers, like CO2, have a fixed ratio of coagulation to ablation, and there is no way to separate the two.

Sciton’s ZoomScan technology decouples coagulation and ablation, allowing for precise application of each. For providers, this means dialing in the exact response needed to address each patients skin concern, desired outcome, and tolerance for downtime.

Simply put, if you want the very best resurfacing results, ZoomScan is your solution.

Variable Spot Size

Select the ideal spot size, either 4mm or 6mm, without changing handpieces.

Total Treatment Tunability

With ZoomScan’s high level of customization, there’s no need for other full-field ablative lasers in the room. Separately choose coagulation and ablation, and your depth, up to 300 microns.

Computer-Controlled Precision

A computer-guided scanner then produces the ideal beam pattern for uniform and rapid treatment, consistent results, and enhanced user confidence.

The Science Behind ZoomScan


Laser Type / Wavelength

Er:YAG 2940 nm

Power (Max)

40 W

Pulse Duration

100 μs – 50 ms

Dual Mode Pulsing

Ablate / Coagulate

Ablation Depth

0 - 300 μm

Coagulation Depth

0 - 130 μm

LAPG Scan Area

30 x 30 mm

How it Works

01. Overview

In a single, versatile handpiece, ZoomScan technology offers infinite treatment design options, to achieve the desired outcome and downtime.

02. Treatment Options

ZoomScan employs a dual-mode Er:YAG laser. From a shallow MicroLaserPeel (up to 50µm of ablation) to deep resurfacing (up to 300µm of ablation per pass, with or without variable depth coagulation), ZoomScan gives providers exquisite control over specialized outcomes.

03. Effective Results

Precisely dial in the exact tissue effect desired, from pure ablation to pure thermal and every combination in between.

Using a flat top beam, ZoomScan can deliver proper energy needed across the treated area, allowing tissue to be treated at an optimum fluence with uniformity and safety.

Treatable Areas

ZoomScan can treat all skin types both on face and body.






What It Treats

ZoomScan can address a variety of skin concerns with its highly tunable settings.

Body Wrinkles

Mild to Deep Wrinkles

Body scar


Pigmented Lesions

Pigmented Lesions

Lax Skin & Poor Texture

For Physicians

See better results sooner with ZoomScan by Sciton.

Bring award-winning technology into your practice and discover the difference it can make to your patient satisfaction—and your ROI.

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