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An estimated 53% to 79% of women will experience some type of laceration during vaginal delivery, most commonly in the perineal body.

However, lacerations can occur anywhere in the vaginal canal, and can also involve the urethral and clitoral structures.

Additionally, c-section scarring, external genital lesions, acne, and unwanted pigmentation are concerns for many. Sciton is a global leader in energy-based devices specifically designed to treat women’s health concerns.



Childbirth & C-Section


Practitioners offering the following Sciton technology can offer their patients a comprehensive women’s health plan for a wide variety of concerns.

Recommended Treatments

diVa® Laser

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The diVa® vaginal laser can address gynecological and genitourinary/urological concerns using dual wavelengths that deliver heat both internally and externally to promote the body’s natural healing process.


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BBL® HERO™️ uses light energy to reduce concerns associated with PCOS, such as acne, pigmentation, vascularity, and unwanted hair!


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The ProFractional® laser is trusted by many for its approach to targeting and eliminating external genital lesions and scarring.

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Courtesy of Todd Bessinger, MD, PhD

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3 weeks post 2 treatments

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The Science

We are happy to work closely with the FDA and Industry to further our development of Sciton’s Women’s Health Group and our products that overwhelmingly help women.

We keep close contact with our providers and the people receiving our treatments to provide the safest, most effective treatments possible. We want to thank everyone for your continued support as we navigate ahead to truly make a difference in women’s lives.” – Dan Negus, PhD, co-founder of Sciton. Jim Hobart PhD, co-founder of Sciton.

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