Laser Skin Treatment

December 31, 2021 – Summer is finally upon us here in Australia and we all know what that means, lots and lots of fun in the sun. There is nothing better than getting out and stretching your legs for a walk to the beach, meeting up with friends for a picnic or hosting a backyard BBQ. The main ingredient in all of this is the sun. Australians are naturally outdoorsy and prolonged exposure to the sun does have its downsides. Sun damage can leave you with unsightly blemishes and uneven skin tone, but not to worry. Sciton has engineered the leading laser skin treatment devices on the market today. So, what are laser skin treatments?

Fractional Laser Treatment – ProFractional™ by Sciton

You’ve probably heard the term field or skin resurfacing in regards to the treatment of sun damage and other skin issues. However, fractional laser treatment is a far more advanced technology than field resurfacing. The way that field resurfacing works is by removing all of the surface skin from the targeted area. This type of skin resurfacing has a longer downtime and is considerably more uncomfortable than laser skin treatments. Sciton’s ProFractional™ laser skin treatment is a cutting edge treatment that works in an entirely different and more effective way. Fractional laser treatment with ProFractional™ targets channels that are narrow in diameter and ablates them. What this does, aside from covering a smaller total area of the skin surface, is to trigger the natural wound healing mechanism of your body. Essentially, this type of laser skin treatment gives your body a jumpstart to begin healing the affected area, without having to remove the entire surface. There are a number of benefits to choosing this form of laser resurfacing:

  • Efficacy of treatment
  • Patient comfort
  • Decrease in downtime
  • Tunable results

Being able to tune the results of the session gives you the option of achieving dramatic results or something more subtle. The efficiency coupled with a lower amount of downtime and overall comfort of the procedure is a driving factor in why so many people choose laser resurfacing. Australia really is on the cutting edge when it comes to laser skin treatments.

Halo Laser for Skin – Laser Resurfacing Australia

Living an agile lifestyle means that you are going to be spending a lot of time in the sun. The effects of long term sun exposure can be easily addressed with laser resurfacing. Australia is full of sun lovers, which is precisely why the Halo™ laser for skin has become so popular. The Halo™ is a unique fractional laser hybrid that works in both the ablative and non-ablative wavelengths, offering unparalleled laser skin treatment results. The treatments are non invasive, considered comfortable and leave you refreshed with very little down time.

So why not look your best this summer when you head out for a day at the beach? Sciton’s ProFractional™ and Halo™ laser skin treatments will have you looking younger, healthier and happier – all with little downtime and minimal pain. Find a practitioner today!


How long do laser skin treatments last?

Depending on the type of laser skin treatment, results from the procedure can last 3 to 5 years. There are other factors that play a part in how long the results last such as lifestyle, frequent/prolonged sun exposure and more. Also, no one patient is the same, as our body types and way of life can be vastly different. Timelines may differ depending on the issue targeted during laser resurfacing. Australia being a country known for its amazing outdoor activities tends to see a lot of sun, so be careful and protect your skin if you want the treatment to last longer.

What is a hybrid fractional laser?

A hybrid fractional laser is an apparatus brought to market by Sciton with the Halo™ laser skin treatment. It works by utilizing both the ablative and non-ablative wavelengths which target different parts of the skin at the same time. It is widely considered to be among the best laser skin treatments available today as a result of its efficacy, non-invasive nature and extremely minimal patient downtime post procedure.

What is more effective: fractional laser or microneedling?

Microneedling in itself treats the deeper tissues of the targeted area and as a result has significantly more post procedure down time than laser resurfacing. Australia has embraced laser skin treatments since its introduction due to the procedure’s effectiveness, extremely minimal downtime and relative comfort during treatment.

Is laser resurfacing worth it?

Since their introduction, laser skin treatments have become more popular than their predecessors such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels. The likely reasons for this are the minimal downtime for patients post procedure, relative safety of the procedure and more noticeable results. Chemical peels have a higher risk factor, longer patient down time and are considered more painful to the patient when compared to a laser skin treatment.